Friday, December 14, 2018

Daytona ~ Continued

Overhead is a major flight path
for many airlines
TUESDAY, 12/4/18 ~  Pete had a very intense day of work with the clients.  He hasn’t adjusted to West Coast Time so he awoke at 4 this morning, and did some work before breakfast. At breakfast, he and George worked until it was time to meet with the clients.  Then they put in a full day, with additional work that needed to be done tonight.  Both will be glad to get home and sleep.
      I, on the other hand, was lazy.  After exercise, I made myself comfortable and read the afternoon away.  It felt totally decadent!

WEDNESDAY,  12/5/18 ~ Pete informed me that he and George need to return to LA next week to finish the project.  I need to extend our stay here at Halifax Harbor from a Monday departure to Friday.  Bailey and I walked over the to marina office. It is only about 300 feet from PEKABU.  Unfortunately, there is a bit of water between us.  We walked three quarters of mile over to the office.  Beautiful area to get a good mile and a half exercise. We will be here long enough to get a better deal paying for the month.  We could stay her till January 1st! 
Space X launch with
supplies for the ISS
     We are 78 miles north of the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral.  The launch of Space X was rescheduled from yesterday. Its mission is to resupply the International Space Station.  I wasn't sure that I would be able to see the launch from this distance.  I was able to get the live launch via the web and as the countdown finalized I looked south and I got lucky.  I was able to see the rocket as she climbed through the atmosphere.  It it always inspiring.  I have seen 2 night time launches from Wallops Island, VA.  Once from Solomons, MD and one from Portsmouth, VA.  This past spring r we drove up from Key West to Titusville to see the inaugural launch of Space X Falcon Heavy.  The payload was Tesla Sports Car that is still heading to the end of our solar system.  That rocket uses the external fuel tanks that are programmed to land at the Space Center.

THURSDAY, 12/6/18 ~ Today for me was exercising, cleaning and reading.  After dinner something started playing with my innards. YUCK!
     Pete and George finished with their client, for this week, and headed to the airport.  They had a lengthy wait for their midnight Red Eye flight to Baltimore.

FRIDAY, 12/7/18 ~ Pete was lucky to have a 1st class seat for the Red-Eye Flight east.  He actually slept almost the entire flight.  He missed snacks and breakfast during the flight.
    George drove him over to the Marina to pick up the car. He grabbed breakfast then headed to the vet in Middletown.  When Bailey was seen at the end of September, I bought a year’s supply of anti-heart worm medication.  At the time, the expiration date of all their packages was June, so they owed me 1 more package.  This was the first opportunity we had to take care of it.  After getting the car cleaned Pete headed down to see his Mom.  She is our Energizer Bunny. She has her bad days, but then she has her good days.  She is an amazing woman!
     Pete and she had to stop in at her bank, then they went to her favorite place. . . Walmart.  She had her list.  There were no motorized carts, so Pete pushed her in the wheelchair. Pete didn’t know the layout of the store and she periodically remembered an item she forgot to put on the list.  As a result, they spend a lot more time crisscrossing Walmart.  By the time they got back Pete needed to get on the road and started his trek south.
     I wrote more for the blog, but I can’t post because Wi-Fi is unobtainable! The marina really shouldn’t advertise Wi-Fi!  Grrr! Add to my frustration, the intestinal thing is still present.  As a result, I didn’t attend the Christmas dinner party sponsored by the marina. Word on the dock was it was really fun.

SATURDAY, 12/8/18 ~ I checked Pete location periodically last night using the phone app.  He did stop just over the VA boarder in NC for a 2-hour nap, he then stopped again around 4 for another 2 hours. He finally arrived around 12:30 pm. After lunch, Glen of SV GRACE II, stopped by to invite us for hors d’oeuvres at 4 and dinner at 6 here on the dock with the Gourmet Supper Club. Unfortunately, Pete crashed and burned while I still had problems with an intestinal bug.  We wound up passing on another wonderful opportunity to meet others here at the marina.  After dinner Pete was determined to stay awake until 10. All night he had to keep re positioning in on the sofa.  While sitting, he kept sinking and sliding towards the horizontal, but he did manage to stay awake.  Hopefully, this will reset his internal clock back to Eastern time zone.

SUNDAY, 12/9/18 ~ Pete had slept well.  He beat the heavy rains by taking Bailey for a walk at 7:30 am.
     The rains made for a lazy morning, so we enjoyed reading after breakfast.  After lunch, the rains stopped, so we headed out to Volusia Mall, across from Daytona Speedway.  Pete needed shirts as the turnaround for LA didn’t allow for cleaners.  We walked the mall and found exactly what he wanted at Macy’s.  Then we took a ride over to the beach at Daytona. We decided not to drive on the beach. The day’s fee of $20 wasn’t worth the 15 minutes we planned. Instead, we headed north to Ormand Beach and simply parked the car and checked out the views, then drove south as far as we could get to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.  To see the light house, we would need to enter the park. Hence, we never saw it. 

Daytona Beach ~

     We decided to get dinner at The Olive Garden. Pete had the Tuscan Trio (Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan and Fettuccine Alfredo) I had my first Lobster, Shrimp, Mac and Cheese.  YUM!!! 
     The temperature is beginning to fall for another cool front.  Temps are supposed to only be in the 50’s tomorrow.

MONDAY, 12/10/18 ~ With Pete catching the 11:16 flight to LA and being away until Thursday, we took PEKABU over to the Marina Office for a pump out at 7:15 am, then had to redock. It is more challenging when the winds want to keep you from the floating dock.
      We then grabbed Pete’s things and drove to Orlando Airport, which is about an hour from here.  I stopped at WaWa and all their coffee sizes were $1. Then it was off to Publix for food, Dollar Tree for garland and cards. Then back to the boat to put things away and hang the Christmas tree.
         Two years ago, Pete bought a roll-up Christmas tree. It had interwoven artificial branches and decorated with white lights, small red bows and small red and blue Christmas balls. It was OK, but I missed our big tree and 1600+ individual ornaments collected over our 44 years. This year, to the boat  tree, I added some 10 extra ornaments I had left over from years of making ornaments for the family. I also used the leftover garland, cut into 6-inch strips folded them to make into circles and placed them on the tree. The garland is sparkly gold, so it moves with the air currents on board making the lights on the tree shimmer!  I really like this version of the tree.  After Christmas, I’ll just remove the 10 ornaments and store in a small box, while the tree garland, lights, ribbons and balls, will be placed in a large towel and rolled for storage for next year. It is fairly easy to place the 23-inch by 12-inch high roll in a sealed back and placed under the front bunk.
     Yep, as predicted, we only hit 54 degrees.  With the winds and dampness, it felt more like 50.  However, I am not complaining.  Back north the temp are in the 20’s and snow is in the forecast. Add to the present conditions, Pete, when driving from LA up to the Thousand Oaks area, reported on some of the massive destruction left behind by one of the monstrous fires earlier this fall.  I definitely have no reason to complain!

TUESDAY, 12/11/18 ~    Bailey and I were up and out by 7:30 this morning and headed to Green Cove springs for mail pickup at St. Brennan’s Isle, which is our mail service.  I needed to get to the bank and back on board by 11, but still managed to catch up with my sister, Stephanie while I traveled.
     Dan, Martha, Betty and John are spending the week at a resort in Cape Canaveral.  They invited me to join them today as they tour The Kennedy Space Center.  Unfortunately, I had to decline as I was meeting with friends.
       At the Annapolis Boat Show, we bumped into Dave and Alice of SV SEPTEMBER SONG and members of our sailing club.  They introduced us to their friends, John & Robin of SV STORYTELLER. They are making their inaugural trip south this year on their Manta 42 Catamaran. They left a few weeks after we did, but we have kept in touch.  They are enjoying their cruise despite the multiple fronts, and cold weather they have encountered.   With PEKABU stationary for a while, they have finally caught up. They anchored where we anchored, just south of the marina, and dinghied over to the marina.  We sat on board for a while, then decided to walk around town. We had lunch at Zappyi’s Italian Restaurant, where we all three of us enjoyed the Greek Salad with Chicken, or Blackened Shrimp. We walked around the down town, then over to the water front and into the historic homes district.  The weather was perfect and the company wonderful.  Once back at the marina, we said our good-bys, but are looking forward to getting together again in the future.

WEDNESDAY, 12/12/18 ~  I needed to get the laundry and cleaning done today.  I postponed it as much as possible, but clothing choices are very limited.  This marina has 4 washers and 3 driers at each of the 4 bath houses.  I found the other 2 after starting the laundry. Each bathhouse had 2 laundry rooms on opposite sides of the walkway.  One of the driers was not working properly and I needed to re-dry one of the loads while I was on a conference call for Pete’s Mom’s monthly health report.
     Thankfully, Pete’s mom is doing well. She has her good days and her bad ones, but her spirits are usually high. She is our “Energizer Bunny” and keeps surprising the medical team.  She has been on Hospice Care since May, but she makes sure she gets on her scooter and gets her hair and nails done, She is gone so much from her room,  I had to make her signs stating: I am playing Mah Jongg, I am at Bingo, I went to the Thrift Shop, etc., so that she can take to her door so that the staff has some idea where to find her.
     Pete will be flying home overnight again and will be back in the morning.

THURSDAY, 12/13/18 ~  I headed over to Daytona Airport to pick up Pete.  His flight had been delayed in NYC and his arrival time moved back about 20 minutes.  I arrived on time, but Pete’s flight arrived early so he was just exiting the terminal as I arrived.
     We returned to the boat, unpacked his stuff, and did some stuff on the computer. After lunch we headed down to Cape Canaveral to meet our CCYC South group.  Dan, Martha, John and Betty have been there since Sunday and will head home tomorrow.  We are so glad we were able to get together. These are people we have known through the Chesapeake Catalina Yacht Club (CCYC) an made our crossing to the Bahamas with 8 years ago. (Hence CCYC South) It was wonderful spending the afternoon catching up. Rather than heading out for dinner, we had a wonderful pork roast dinner and the conversation never stopped.  The time share overlooks the Cape Canaveral Canal, where the cruise and container ships dock. We watched one of the casino boats return and one of the smaller cruise chips leave just before dinner. Pretty cool.
  View from the Condo
     The jet lag began to catch up with Pete, so we said our farewells around 6:30 and headed back. Pete was out cold by 9, so I took Bailey for her walk.  Pete never heard us leave or return.

FRIDAY, 12/14/18 ~  Pete knew he had a lot of work to do today, so we decided to stay put.  He and George were on a conference call all day.
      I exercised, got the blog caught up. I just need to process a few photos in preparation and after dinner get it posted, using our Jet Pack for WiFi access. I can’t believe it was 17-days worth!   We received notification that our plan data was almost depleted, so Pete needed to purchase more.  This is the longest we have been without WiFi.  I have tried to limit the data use, but we forget how much public WiFi is usually used.
     Well, it is time to get dinner started, then finish up here. Tomorrow we head to Titusville.

~ ~ ~ /) ~ ~  K & P

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Spending Time at Anchor in Daytona Beach

Halifax River YC to Daytona Beach Anchorage, FL
We just moved from the Marina to the anchorage.  May be 15 minutes and possibly a mile. 
Not doing the math!

THURSDAY, 11/29/18 ~    This morning the lows were in the low 40’s, but without yesterday’s winds, it really wasn’t bad.
     Since the laundry is free decided to do a load before we left.  We went to the laundry room, but there was another woman waiting.  When she arrived, there was a load currently in the wash.  It turned out to be two, floor washing pads washed by the staff.  Malinda was very thoughtful and let me do my wash first as she would be there another day. We wound up talking while the washer finished its cycle.  They came down from Annapolis.  Her husband was a former Commodore of the Annapolis Yacht Club. They now live in Marathon.
      As the laundry was finishing, I met Chris, the Harbor Master.  Thanked him for a great stay and handed back the keys.  I also assured him we would depart by 11:30, He offered to help us cast off, but I assured him that we are OK.  He said that we must be sailors. “Sailors know how to prepare for docking, approach carefully, and depart effortlessly.”
     We headed south for about 15 minutes then carefully entered the anchorage.  We got as close as possible to the park so that Pete could get Bailey to shore.
     It was so nice to spend the afternoon reading and watching the boat traffic on the river.
     I found another shrimp recipe made with pesto and dinner was delicious.
Tonight's Sunset ~ 
    After dinner we ran the generator for recharging the batteries, charge the phones, Kindles and heating water for showers. With the generator running we even watched some TV.

FRIDAY, 11/30/18 ~  As Pete was taking Bailey to shore, we could hear the fire department was heading south.  AS he returned he could see the smoke crossing the water.  When I came up, the smoke looked like fog and with the winds calm, it made for a great photo.  Hopefully with the speed at which the fire was extinguished I hope it wasn’t that severe and no one was hurt.
Smoke on the Water
French-fagged boat
aground at low tide
     While Pete worked, I was able to get my hour of exercise in, but we both chilled and read the remainder of the afternoon.  The clouds became heavier as the day progressed.  According to the forecast, very heavy rains and possible tornadoes are predicted for north Florida and SE Georgia tonight, through Monday.
SATURDAY , 12/01/18 ~ We had some light shower bands come through the night here in Daytona.  As predicted, heavy rains are falling in north Florida and Georgia.  The possibility of tornadoes both in this area and the Midwest remain high.  Shower bands persisted through the afternoon.
      We watched some of the parade participants make their way up river during the late afternoon.  It might be a rainless evening according to the radar, which is great as the parade of boats begin at 6. The parade came down river then went into the north basin (Halifax River YC), returned to the ICW and turn into the South Basin (Halifax Marina), return to the river, turn into the lower marina basin, where they were judged, then return to the YC. We were anchored about 500 yards from the channel to the Chart Club, where the judges were located and were able to see the parade.  There were abut 35 boats.  A number were large Sport Fisherman, two sailboats and boats that probably ranged from 25-24 feet.  Our favorites were the Gingerbread house and the 4-trees of different colors.

The Boat Parade ~

SUNDAY 12/ 02 ~ To Halifax Harbor.  We were chillin’ after breakfast this morning, when we heard a strange banging sound.  We must have spent over a half hour trying to find it.  We knew it was aft, but where?  Our steering wheel kept wanting to turn, even though it was locked.  Pete wanted to show me how the boat would point with the current out of the south and the winds from the southwest. As he stood in front of the wheel, the noise happened again.  Only this time Pete felt the rudder shutter.  It was very low tide.  Needless to say, we started the engine, upped anchor, and departed immediately!
     Even though it was before noon, we were able to get into our reserved slip in Halifax Marina.  The winds made it a bit of a challenge when departing from the pump out dock and staying close to the starboard while docking.  Matt did a great job of pulling us back to the dock.  After securing, we had lunch.
     Pete took advantage of the down time to pack for his trip tomorrow.  I continued reading and enjoying the Florida weather.
     Speaking of weather, a series of tornadoes touched down in the Midwest.  Lots of property damage and a few injuries.  Heavy rains, up to 7 inches, have caused more flooding in Georgia and Florida.  It was also reported that 4 people received minor injuries when a tornado touched down on the Kings Point Navy Base on the St. Mary’s River.  The rains are continuing north of here.

~  ~  ~  /) ~  ~ K & P

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

St. Augustine to Halifax River YC, Daytona Beach, FL

Today:       57 miles        8.5 hours          ICW St M “830.6”
Total:      960 miles    137.8 hours

        We were up at 6:15 and underway by 7 in order to make the 7:30 opening of the Bridge of Lyons.  There is no 8 am opening due to traffic.  Knowing that we had an 8-hour travel day to Daytona, we couldn’t wait for a later opening.
     Once through the bridge, we stopped at the City Marina for fuel and a pump out, then continued on our way.  The current gods were with us for most of the day.  Leaving St. Augustine, we were able to travel for almost an hour at 8.9 mph.  Most of the day we were traveling at 7.6 mph.  The only slow part of our day was by the Matanzas Inlet, where speed reduced to 6.3. We came across a number of dolphin pods in our travel today, some tried to get airborne.
     The winds slowly built through the day.  Weather bug gave 9-12 mph winds from the WNW.  The white caps and scuzz on the water hinted to winds closer to 20.  The fact that a few gusts tilted the boat to port hints that those gusts were 25+.
     Only about half of the docks south of St. Augustine, that were damaged by Mathew 2 years ago, have been replaced.  The old, live-aboard or abandoned boats are now anchored south of St. Augustine.  I guess the City was successful in ousting these boats. There are also a few newer sunken boats along the ICW.  The most unique location of a sunken sailboat was here in Daytona, just north of the Main Street Bridge.  She sank in the channel just outside of the bulkheads. The Coast Guard has placed a temporary buoy near it. Surprisingly, it sank over a month ago according to the bridge tender.
     There were 5 bigger sailboats anchored just north of the fixed bridge in Daytona, waiting for the tide to ebb.  The King Tide along with the full moon have created very high tides.  These sailboats require 64-foot clearance, but at mid tide, the boards are still showing 63 feet.
     Pete was concerned about sitting on the hook in very cold weather.  Since the forecast is for temperatures just above freezing overnight, he was able to arrange dockage at the Halifax River Yacht Club for Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday is supposed to be warmer.
     This marina is beautiful.  It has fixed docks, a beautiful pool and patio, casual as well as dressier dining, great internet, and free laundry with free detergent. We were secured just in time for Pete to make his 4 pm conference call.  Bailey and I had plenty of time to head out for a walk,
     As the sun went down, 6 of the boats must be planning to participate in the boat parade this weekend.  They are already decorated and lit.  It does look pretty and colorful.

WEDNESDAY, 11/28/18 ~  When Pete walked the dog at 7:30 this morning, the temperature here was 37 degrees. Hollis, NH was at 38 degrees!  There was a frost warning in effect for a good deal of northern Florida.  With the wind chill some areas experienced 29 degrees!
    By the time I went for my walk, the temps were in the mid-forties.  It was really perfect for walking.  Most of the homes in this part of Daytona a moderate and small.  However, the marina area is in the Historic District where many of the larger homes have been converted into B & B’s.  It made for a pretty walk, but only a few places made me stop for a quick photo.

Christmas AND Halloween!

A very bio diverse tree

Mushrooms growing on lawn
Tree bark
more like "Starry Night"

     Once back, Pete had completed his conference call, so I was able to start making my Banana Nut Bread.  (I didn’t want to run the mixer while he was on the phone.)  I had to disrupt the forward bed and dig into the aft locker, behind the printer, to get the supplies I needed. Since I had to so that, I also dug out the Vacu-sealer, so that I could separate the recently purchased American cheese as well as the pecans into smaller packages.  I also used it to seal 2 of the 3 small loaves of Banana Nut Bread so they could be frozen. Boy! The boat smelled great while I did clean-up.

Halifax River Yacht Club ~


     Pete got out the bike and rode the 4 miles to Pet Smart.  We needed dog food as we don’t have enough to get me through next week.  On his way there, the stem from the tire broke off and caused a flat.  It occurred in front of a construction crane facility.  Though the crews were cleaning the rigs, they offered Pete use of their tools, garage or a hand. Pete is really good about repairing the tire. He used to ride 100+ miles a week and participate on organized rides on the weekends.  By the way, PetSmart is right across from the Daytona Speedway.
      Caught some TV and worked on some photos, then called it a day.

~  ~  ~  /) ~  ~ K & P

Monday, November 26, 2018

St. Augustine ~ continued

SUNDAY, 11/18/18 ~ There were no specific plans for today.
Tonight's sunset
     I had 2 pair of good jeans on board They have to be close to 10 years old, have gotten thin and are becoming fashionable… well kind of. The rips are occurring in undesirable places! I found out that there is a Gap Outlet Store here in St. Augustine.  What I didn’t realize is that many stores are starting there “Black Friday Sales” early.  The Outlets were packed.  The Gap was too!  I checked out their jeans, but nothing was in my size.  We took a ride up to Jacksonville where the sales people at the Gap Store were helpful and the store carried my size.  I was able to get two pair of jeans with 40% off! Not a bad day at all!

MONDAY, 11/19/18 ~  Pete realized that something he was waiting for in the mail had arrived at St. Brendan’s. With the car not due until 10, and Green Cove Springs is only 30 mins away, Pete drove over to pick up the mail again. While he was gone, I was able to some more deep cleaning.
     Pete was busy with work the rest of the day,  While I walked I saw a manatee and a very cute statue.
Bailey likes her comfort
Fog lifting
TUESDAY, 11/20/18 ~ The fog was thick and stuck around most of the morning. Pete kept busy with work while I got in my hour of exercise and then worked on the blog.  Posting will be a challenge as the wifi here is very weak.  Once everything is ready, I hope to post to get things current, but wasn’t able to update due to no wifi signal. Downloaded photos and organized. However, my Lightroom locked up twice while trying to modify photos.  I wasn’t able to process more than a couple before it crashed again.  I called it quits for the night.

Bailey's hiding
She doesn't want a bath!
WEDNESDAY, 11/21/18 ~ While Pete was busy with work, I finished the heavy house cleaning and some reorganizing of some storage areas. I also brushed Bailey again.  She got worried that we were also going to bathe her also.
     I checked with the marina office.  There will be a Cruisers Thanksgiving Dinner here at Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor in the Boaters’ Lounge. I just had to RSVP on Facebook, which I did.
     Since it was a clear night, we were able to get the loaner car and head into Old Town to see the festival of lights.  We were able to find a parking spot for FREE on the square. Since it was still light, we grabbed a bit to eat at A1A Alehouse.  Then it was off to see the Lights. . . 





THANKSGIVING, 11/22/18 ~   One of my guilty pleasure is watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was the coldest parade day in history.  The winds might have kept the balloons closer to the ground and people really bundled up for the cold, but it didn’t stop the enthusiasm!  I especially enjoy seeing the Broadway performances.
     Thank heavens the boat is open concept.  I was able to watch the parade while making the Apple Cake for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Pete was concerned that there might not be stuffing, so I made up some of that, too. 
     We headed over around 2.  Skies continued to be cloudy and windy.  We made sure that we grabbed our rain gear as the rain bands are sure to resume.  There were about 30 people who were able to attend.  The people were interesting, the conversation diverse, and the food, yummy! Eating at 3 meant that we were not really hungry at dinner time.  So, we enjoyed another piece of Apple Cake while reading and watching TV.
FRIDAY, 11/23/18 ~ Pete had hoped to get a haircut sometime today, but instead, work kept him busy most of the day.  With the rains, I exercised on board and finished off another book, glad I wasn’t part of the Black Friday crowds. After dinner we enjoyed watching OVERBOARD and PRETTY WOMAN.

SATURDAY, 11/24/18 ~ Pete was able to get the loaner car this morning.  As he picked up the keys, He asked about a barber.  She mentioned that the salon next to Vinny’s Pizza does men’s hair, too.  Pete informed her that he “was not really the salon type!”  He found a Super Cuts and they did a good job. While he was away, I was able to do the laundry. 
      On the way back, he passed the Art’s Festival down by the Visitor’s Center.  It was a juried show, so he suggested we head over.  It was the prefect afternoon for walking among the tents of the exhibitors; low 70’s with low humidity and mild breezes. It was a mix of jewelry, paintings, photography, textiles, pottery, and stained glass. The most memorable was an artist who painted on marble, granite, and ceramic tile. She incorporates the natural grains, textures, and imperfections into her pieces. Pete liked the jewelry made of real flower sealed in acrylic. They also had food stands and kids’ face painting and crafts.  There was also a variety of performing artists. The most colorful performers (and the only ones we actually saw) were the Belly Dancers.   

SUNDAY, 11/25/18 ~  We not only scrubbed the boat, cleaned the Eisenglass, but also scrubbed the  electrical cords.  They were so gunky, anything they rubbed against becomes marked.
      Showers were in order before we headed over to Super Walmart for provisions.  We even picked up Jack Danial’s BBQ Chicken as well as some salads for dinner. 
      It turned out to be a very productive day.

MONDAY, 11/26/18 ~  Last night I had some stomach issues so getting to sleep was a problem.  The issues subsided, but I could not sleep.  I tried relaxation, but after a hour I gave up played a few games on the phone, then decided to read.  I finally was able to sleep some time after 6.  I was surprised to find it was 10 am when I woke.  Pete had walked and fed Bailey, ate and had done a good deal of work by the time I said, “Good Morning!”.
     I kept myself busy all day, but right now I really can’t remember what I did.  I was really happy when my head hit the pillow. I doubt I remained conscious for long.

~ ~ ~ /) ~ ~   K & P